Thursday, March 30, 2023

Delivery driver caught on camera stealing food, deceiving owner


A delivery driver was caught on camera stealing a food order as he took a photo of it to prove that it was delivered to its owner. 

The incident was reported in United States (US) where a TikTok user shared surveillance camera footage, showing a delivery driver stealing an entire food order after doing something that is a standard requirement for most delivery executives nowadays.

The clip shows the delivery driver walking away with the customer’s order after taking a photograph of the package to prove delivery.

According to reports, the order was made to DoorDash, a food delivery service in the US.

As the service offers no-contact delivery due to COVID-19 risks, one of their delivery drivers dropped an order at the customer’s door. She then proceeded to take a photo of the package to prove delivery, as seen in the footage.

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But then, the delivery person is seen trying to outsmart or cheat the system. She takes the snap and then casually picks up the package and simply makes off with it.

Following the incident, a spokesperson of DoorDash told LadBible they have ‘zero tolerance for such inappropriate behaviour’.


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