Thursday, September 23, 2021

Delivery driver clings on to van’s bonnet to stop it being stolen


A CCTV footage of a robbery incident surfaced which showed a man delivering clung to the bonnet of the van to stop it being stolen.

A thief got into the van of a man who got out of the van to deliver parcels in Pemberton Road on last Saturday.

The footage showed that the victim clung onto the van’s bonnet before the robber who drove onto Mayrick Road, local media reported. Later, the robber managed drove away after the delivery driver fall off the vehicle.

delivery driver van robbery cctv footage

The delivery driver was taken to hospital where he was treated for a badly sprained ankle

According to a report published by Express & Star, it’s believed the thief had arrived at the scene in a white Peugeot 208, which was driven away by a second person.

West Midlands Police department commenced an investigation into the incident by getting statements of witnesses and examining CCTV footage. The police asked citizens to report them who witnessed the robbery.

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