Monday, September 27, 2021

Designer says 55 artisans came together to create Minal Khan’s bridal dress!


Minal Khan’s nuptials to beau Ahsan Mohsin Ikram were one for the books with Minal’s wedding looks especially standing out for their simplistic grandeur. 

The bride chose an amaranth-coloured Annus Abrar bridal dress for her big day that had social media talking for days, but did you know that her ensemble was the hard work of 55 artisans? The tidbit was revealed by Abrar himself on his Instagram, where he also shared the elaborate creative process that went behind the creation of Minal’s final look.


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Describing his creation as  “a floor-length pishwas paired with farshi lehenga in shades of raspberry pink and red incorporated with handcrafted zardozi and kaamdani details”, the designer sharing pictures of the blushing bride in the stunning dress on his official page.


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Days after Minal’s Sept. 10 wedding, Abrar gave a deeper insight into the creation of her dress, taking to his Instagram stories to share videos and pictures of artisans at work. “Making of Minal’s bridal. Stunning shade of cranberry red with deep maroon applique incorporated with kamdani and zardozi,” he shared.

Abrar also shared that the elaborate bridal had 38 kalis (panels) which gave the dress the perfect twirl-worthy volume. “Over 55 artisans worked day and night to create this magical piece of couture,” he said, likening it to a ‘creative village’ at work.

We have to say, the hard work really shone through at Minal’s big day as she twirled and posed away in her one-of-a-kind bridal couture.

After a long and stellar courtship, Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram finally said qubool hai (I do!) and sealed the deal in a glittering event among friends and family on Sept. 10. read more

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