Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Devdas, DDLJ to be showcased in Pakistani cinemas


In the wake of the ongoing Cricket World Cup 2015, both the nations have decided to postpone the releasing dates of new movies as a marketing stunt.

Pakistan cinema houses have decided to showcase Bollywood’s king, Shahrukh Khan’s greatest films which include 1975’s blockbuster movie Sholay’s remake, Devdas (2002) and DDLJ (1995) after their continuous phenomenal success, over the decades.

Sholay is said to be featured on the big screens from March 20th onwards.

Nadeem Mandviwala, owner of Atrium cinemas says that he took the idea upon public demand.

“There is one movie theatre in India which has been playing DDLJ for 20 consecutive years”, he said.



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