Saturday, August 13, 2022

Differently-abled woman set ablaze by ‘fake pir’ in Punjab’s town


TIBBA SULTANPUR: A fake pir [spirtual guide] allegedly set ablaze a differently-abled woman in a Punjab’s town to free her of the ethereal spirits, ARY NEWS reported on Saturday.    

The incident occurred in Tibba Sultanpur town of the Punjab province, where a pir allegedly set ablaze a differently-abled woman claiming that it would help in freeing her of spirits.

The police have apprehended the suspect behind the incident, however, they were allegedly trying to cover up the entire episode.

An ARY NEWS team when approached the concerned police station for updates, the SHO got irked and close down the police station to block access to the suspect.

It is blamed that the suspect is receiving VIP protocol inside the station after political pressure on the authorities.

This is not the first such incidnet that involved fake pirs over their alleged involvement in criminal acts against women as recently, police nabbed a fake faith healer molesting women in Lahore’s area of Shahdara.

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Identified as Baba Khalid is accused of molesting women in the area. The police after receiving several complaints, conducted a raid and arrested him from the area of Shahdara.

The case has been registered against the fake faith healer and the investigation against him was underway, said the police.


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