Thursday, October 28, 2021

Not a single functional girls’ school in Digari despite 5 years of education emergency in Balochistan


Quetta: 35 kms from Quetta there is a place called Digari, naturally rich with abundant amount of coal deposits but deprived of the basic education facility for girls. The entire Union Council of Zarkhezi does not have a single girls’ school in it.

A large number of locals and mine laborers live here with their families and according to them the schools were functional until a few years ago. They believe it was the absence of teachers which led to the closure of these schools, “There are no teachers, teachers don’t come here. We appeal that these schools are reinstated, students are going to study, there will be knowledge, our children are going to study.”

Non availability of girls’ schools forced girls to be sent to boys’ school for initial education  to girls being sent to boys’ schools but after the 5th and 6th grade, they are taken out of school by the elders of their family not being able to further pursue education, “Little girls study in boys’ school till 5-6th grade after that locals take them out of school.”

Despite the education emergency imposed in Balochistan by the previous government. An area from which 16,500 tones of coal is extracted every year equaling to crores of rupees does not have a single functional girls’ school which can promise the girls of Digari, Balochistan a bright, hopeful future. The existing girls’ schools in the area are turned into dumping sites.

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