Sunday, August 14, 2022

DNA sample of suspect matches in Monika Larik rape, murder case: police


KHAIRPUR: Police on Sunday claimed that the DNA of a suspect in Monika Larik rape and murder case has matched with the victim, confirming his alleged involvement in the heinous act, ARY NEWS reported.

According to a laboratory report, the DNA sample of the girl has matched with an accused who is already in police custody and identified as Abdullah Larik.

“Both Abdullah Larik and Monika used to work in the nearby haveli,” the police said adding that the seven-year-old girl used to work as a domestic helper in the haveli owing to her poor family background.

They said that the DNA samples of over 100 people were collected by the police during the interrogation process while 20 of them were also arrested on suspicion of their alleged involvement.

It is pertinent to mention here that the family of a seven-year-old girl Monika Larik, who was raped and murdered in Khairpur, yesterday cast their suspicions on influential pirs in the area for their alleged involvement in the case.

The suspicions were conveyed by the family during a meeting with a PPP MNA Syed Javed Ali Shah Jillani, where they also provided him with the names of the suspicious people.

The father of the victim claimed that a wooden piece of a lemon tree was found from the slit throat of Monika Larik. “There is no other Lemon tree in the area, other than the one in the Haveli, where she used to work as a domestic servant,” he said.

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He further claimed that at the time of the incident they sought help from a man who used to trace people using their footsteps, however, Attaullah Shah, a resident of the Haveli, stopped them from performing the act.

The paternal aunt of Monika Larik also expressed dissatisfaction over the police investigations, which saw the arrest of some people, and identified other suspicious people.

“Why pirs are not being investigated,” she was quoted as saying during the conversation. “Those living in Haveli know everything,” the aunt said while demanding the police to investigate the members of the household.


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