Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Doctor stays in garage tent to keep family safe during coronavirus pandemic


A California doctor who is working on the front lines and treating patients with coronavirus is self-isolating himself from his family at the end of his hospital shifts.

Dr. Timmy Cheng has decided to live in a tent in order to protect his family from the deadly disease.

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Dr. Cheng erected the tent in his garage where he goes to sleep each night after a grueling workday at the hospital in order to protect his wife and children.

The tent was erected next to his car. He is camping out in the garage to protect his family from the novel coronavirus

‘I voluntarily became homeless to protect my family should I become infected and bring the virus home,’ Cheng wrote on Facebook.

‘I spent one night in my car, then four nights in the hospital call room. On day five, my wife came up with the idea for me to live in a tent in our garage. So, here it is.’

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Cheng is a pulmonary and critical care specialist. Initially, Cheng was sleeping in his car or a room at the hospital – but it wasn’t comfortable.

Inside the tent, Dr. Cheng has a twin mattress as well as other bedding, a laptop and snacks

In his tent he has a few home comforts including a twin mattress, pillow and a laptop.

Cheng, who believes he may be forced to live in the tent for months, said he keeps snacks nearby, and his family leave him food at the door of the garage.

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The tent is right next to his car. He believes he could well be living out of the garage tent for months.

California has the third highest rate of coronavirus infections in the country with 4,886 cases and 102 deaths.


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