Monday, August 8, 2022

VIDEO: Donkey falls through roof of house in Brazil


SAO PAULO: A wandering donkey fell through a roof of house in Brazil and the unusual incident was caught on camera.

The video, filmed last month inside a home in Cajazeiras, starts with the donkey’s legs dangling from a hole in the roof.

The donkey’s attempts to wriggle free eventually lead to it dropping inside the home, where it is able to quickly get back on its feet.

The filmer said the donkey apparently climbed onto the roof from an adjacent hill.

“Donkey falls through a roof of a residence in. The home is located on a small hill where the donkey wandered onto the roof. The donkey did not suffer any injuries during this incident,” the filmer wrote.

Some people may find the following video disturbing

The video was uploaded on YouTube channel ViralHog


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