Thursday, August 18, 2022

Man faints to see his $700,000 dream house turning into nightmare


SYDNEY: A man’s dream to own a dream home has turned into a nightmare after the finished building was just half a house which entailed a ‘mix up’ with the developer. 

Bishnu Aryal, from Nepal, saved up enough money for the house of his dreams, to splash a cool $700,000 AUD (Rs1.06 billion) for the Sydney plot and the building.

Bishnu Aryal, from Nepal, saved up enough money for the house of his dreams, to splash a cool $700,000 AUD (Rs 4 crore) for the Sydney plot and build.

He shifted to Australia for a new life and saved cautiously for about a decade of his life. He signed an agreement for the building with Zac Homes for $322,400 (Rs49 million), on top of a separate land purchase for $398,950 (Rs70 million) in the suburb of Edmondson Park in Sydney’s southwest.
He says that miscommunication with the builder, Zac Homes, has turned his dream house into a disaster.

The father of two now only has ‘half the property’ he had been hoping for.

The father-of-two now only has 'half the property' he had been hoping for - leaving him to nearly faint when he finally saw the unusual property.

Speaking to local media, Aryal said: “I called the supervisor and asked him what’s going on, why is the house like this? And he said, ‘It’s a duplex, semi duplex, and I nearly fainted that day.”

“Where’s my house? I want the rest of my house. It’s not a free-standing house, it’s not a duplex, it’s half a house. And it looks embarrassing,” he added.

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According to reports, the agreement was for a free-standing home but, three years later, Aryal was left in a predicament when he checked the progress and realized that the contractors had built a duplex on half the block, with a huge windowless grey wall erected down the middle.

Aryal admitted that his English isn’t perfect, but he said he didn’t sign up for half a house


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