Friday, July 1, 2022

Drip Irrigation: Experts sow berry orchard in barren land of Umarkot


UMARKOT: Agriculture experts working on the crops in barren areas have experimented with drip irrigation to grow a garden of berries in Umarkot.

According to ARY News reporter Mumtaz Arisar, the Arid Zone Research Institute has successfully sown berries on 16 acres of barren land in Umarkot with drip irrigation experiment. The orchard will give its first yield of the fruit within one month.

The institute which is holding research on crops in barren areas with scarcity of water,  also experimenting on sowing date and Cheeku in Thar using the drip irrigation method, which ensures optimal use of the water.

Experts also saying that the agriculture researchers have also successfully sown vegetables and fodder grass for animals using the sub-soil water in Thar.

Local people are of the opinion that instead of fanfare and exhibition tours of government officials, the government of Sindh should give attention to solve problems of Thar.

According to a report the provincial government has allocated only nine Lac rupees in annual budget for research on the crops in the arid zone.

Drip irrigation is a method being used around the world in barren areas for cultivation. This irrigation method with optimal use of water produces edible crops, fruits, fodder and trees at limited level to cater to the needs of a particular village to mitigate drought.


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