Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Driver watches in horror as smoking car ‘flies through sky’ on highway


Shocking video footage captures the moment a smoking car was seen ‘flying through the air’ after being launched from a highway onto the road beneath it.

The incident was filmed on a dashcam and witnessed by a driver who was just a few metres away from the crash.

The short clip, which has now gone viral, shows the car catapulting off the raised highway lying to the left of the ground. Trailing smoke behind it, the car crashes into the tarmac and rolls over twice before stopping.

Credit: YouTube/Life of Mike & Fam

The clip was shared on the YouTube channel ‘The Life of Mike & Sam’ on July 15, with the description: “Saved by THE Scream!! Non-fatality Dukes of Hazard Launch on an overpass berm! Scary way to start the day, especially for the lady in that car! I prayed for her and hope all will be well”

It has now garnered over 1.48 lakh views and more than 300 comments.

The video starts with the dashcam recording a peaceful drive on the highway. Just 16 seconds into the video, the smoking car appears from the raised side on the left and crashes right in front of the car with the camera.

The uploader explained in the comments section that he didn’t see the car until his wife ‘screamed’. Fortunately, he hit the brakes at the right moment to pull up a few metres away from the crash.

Credit: YouTube/Life of Mike & Fam

The driver also said he rushed over to check on the driver, who was apparently laying face down on the roof of the car.

“I was quite shocked and perplexed how someone escaped such an impact. God must have had His Hand with that person,” said the uploader.

According to a news report, the car had catapulted from Highway 99 in Yuba City, California.


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