Friday, October 22, 2021

Dying woman says final goodbye to her horse, dogs from bed


The staff of a hospice in England made a dying woman’s day by making her meet her pet horse and two dogs for the last time after she was moved to a home for terminally ill patients, a foreign news agency reported.

The images happened just before the woman, identified as 68-year-old Jan Holman, was taken to the Hospice of Good Shepherd in Chester city. The pictures were posted online.

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The woman met her horse named Bob just after she arrived in the hospice. She fed him carrots and bananas while laying on the bed. In a heartwarming moment, the horse was nuzzling her neck.

Dying Women Final Goodbye

One of the pictures shown the two canines named Rowley and Monty being taken to her bed so that the 68-year-old could bid farewell to the animal.

The terminally ill woman, who was not getting a chance to say goodbye to her loving pets, was missing her pets and the hospice’s staff decided to surprise her.

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Holman, speaking with the foreign news agency, said that she could not believe the surprise that was planned for her, adding that Bob has been an important part of her life and was riding him every day till a few weeks back and was missing him dearly.

The 68-year-old added: “I knew that arranging for my dogs to visit was possible as we had a neighbour who was a patient at the hospice a few years ago and we were allowed to bring the dogs to visit her, but I just didn’t expect that they would ever be able to give me the chance to see Bob one more time.”

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