Friday, May 20, 2022

Earthquake relief operations underway in Balochistan’s Wadh tehsil


QUETTA: Relief operations have been underway in Wadh, a tehsil of Khuzdar district in Balochistan after Friday’s magnitude 5.2 earthquake, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to the district administration, relief items being provided in Aranji and other villages affected in the earthquake.

The Levies Force and the district administration, involved in the relief work, have so far provided tents, blankets and edible items in over 150 affected families.

Around 200 houses were damaged in the earthquake in tehsil Wadh, scores of houses were thoroughly demolished in the quake tremors.

The earthquake jolted Lasbela and other parts of Balochistan province on Friday, the National Seismic Monitoring Centre (NSMC) reported.

The NSMC said that the centre of the earthquake was 80 kilometers north of Bela city of Balochistan.

The tremors that struck Wadh tehsil of Khuzdar resulted in damage to several houses in the region.

The jolts caused panic among the population, sending people fleeing their homes in panic.

Earlier, in October last year, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake in Balochistan province was resulted in 22 deaths while over 200 were injured. The deadly earthquake had struck parts of Balochistan including Quetta.

According to National Seismic Monitoring Centre, Islamabad, the epicenter of the quake was located in Harnai at the depth of 15 kilometres.

According to Deputy Commissioner Harnai Anwar Hashim, roofs and walls of more than 100 houses collapsed in Harnai and Shahrag, trapping several people under the debris. Dozens of public and private buildings were damaged.

Harnai was the worst-affected remote mountainous area of Balochistan by the quake.


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