Friday, July 1, 2022 To Raise $150,000 Investment from an Undisclosed Angel Investor


Another Pakistani startup namely has raised $150,000 from an undisclosed Angel investor, with financials due later this year. The news publication website increased its investment for credible Pakistani news reporting.

Allowing all citizens to voice their ideas on the country’s most pressing issues while engaging with the country’s finest journalists.

Why the Fundraise?

The fundraise is expected to alter the functioning of A new audience, new attitudes, and fresh perspectives will be attracted by the transformation. Furthermore, the collaboration will provide young authors, entrepreneurs, and everyone else with a source of motivation through the already accomplished persons such as top level journalists.

The idea of fundraising for the investor revolved around the changing dynamics of news publishing. “It’s an honour to work with to help them construct the platform they envisage.” To provide opportunities for Pakistani youngsters to flourish and learn about their nation. We also know we can grow the same approach globally because the potential is tremendously exponential.”

Financials of Fundraise

Later this year, the angel investor plans to support the Pakistani startup for news publication with a single payment of $150,000. The investor, who did not want to be identified, has stated that he will continue to fund in the future. is yet to reveal the conditions of the investment; however, an official from the startup has told us that the financials will be processed later and are not yet complete.

Aiming to Simply News Reporting

The startup strives to bring together a finer, simpler platform for journalists and ordinary people to cooperate with the substantial investment. In one year, the news platform hopes to bring together more than 100,000 authors. has established a goal to not only increase their authentic news publishing on the web, but also to give a proper article publishing CMS through their mobile applications.’s solid foundation has been developed over the last few years by Usman Ahzaz and his team’s unwavering commitment


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