Tuesday, May 24, 2022

ECP releases written verdict on PTI reference against defectors


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan has released written verdict on the PTI’s reference against its defecting members of the National Assembly, ARY News reported.

The election commission had announced decision on the PTI’s reference against the party’s estranged members on Wednesday. ARY News has obtained a copy of the 14-page verdict written by the Chief Election Commissioner.

“No substantial evidence given against defecting members in the reference,” according to the decision.

“The ECP rejected the reference after hearing arguments of the both sides,” the decision read.

“Petitioner completely failed to prove charges under Article 63-A of the constitution against the respondents,” according to the verdict.

“It was the petitioner’s responsibility to provide evidence but it didn’t provide it,” ECP decision read.

“It is the party head’s discretion to issue Show-cause notices to defecting assembly members, but the party’s secretary general Asad Umar had issued notices, while the party’s head didn’t delegate such powers to Asad Umar,” according to the verdict.

“The party failed to produce charges of the members’ defection from the party. They didn’t prove issuance of show cause notice to members under Article 63-A, neither the members have formally announced to quit the party.”

“Article 63-A not imposed over the members’ meetings in the parliament and attending the session,” the verdict read.

“No substantial evidence provided for resignations of the members or their joining the other party. The PTI only provided show cause notices and clippings of some newspapers,” according to the verdict.

“The show cause notices sent to the assembly members were not served formally. The applicant at the 11th hour said about providing the evidence, which plea was rejected due to time constraints,” the ECP decision read.


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