Tuesday, August 16, 2022

WATCH: Mexican skydivers attempt to jump over Egypt’s Pyramids


A skydivers’ group performed an awe-inspiring feat of jumping directly over the Pyramids of Giza from their jet high in the skies… and they filmed it for posterity.

According to reports, Mexican skydiver, Yair Gallardo, and his team were granted permission to jump at the historic site, capturing epic footage of the one of a kind drop.

“This was the most exciting experience of my life,” the skydiver was quoted as saying following the expedition.

“More people have reached the summit of Everest than jumped over Giza. I have a checkmark on my heart.” Gallardo added, “I believe that you have to enjoy your learning process and be grateful with the new things that you learn each day, no matter how small they are.”

egypt mexico sky diver

According to the skydivers, more people have climbed Mount Everest than jumped over Giza. Yair Gallardo, 43, jumped from an Egyptian Air Force C-130 over the Pyramids.

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The adrenaline enthusiast is known to have been jumping off planes for the past five years after admittedly being convinced to try the sport by his best friend.

Gallardo has completed more than 2,200 jumps, and he created Mexico’s first freeflying team.


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