Wednesday, January 26, 2022

PM Imran announces to launch Ehsaas Langar Scheme in Tharparkar


ISLAMABAD: After inaugurating the Ehsas Saylani Langar Scheme in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to expand the scheme to other backward areas of the country, ARY News reported on Saturday.

As per details, initially, three Langar Khanay (Kitchens) would be established in the Tharparkar district, which will provide food to 600 people on a daily basis.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon visit Tharparkar and inaugurate Ehsaas Langar Scheme, said sources, adding that PM Khan will distribute food among the poor and will eat with them.

In this connection, the team will visit Tharparkar soon to locate the Ehsaas Langar site in the district. The Langar scheme will provide food two times daily to around 600 people.

Earlier on October 7, PM Imran Khan launched the Ehsas Saylani Langar Scheme in Islamabad to provide free food to the needy of the country.

The Langar scheme is an important component of the government’s social protection program Ehsaas aimed at poverty alleviation in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed that, in the first phase of the Langar scheme, the program will be started at 112 different places.

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Speaking on the concept of the initiative, the prime minister said: “We are following the golden guiding principles of the welfare state of Medina which was constituted by our Prophet (SAWW), we are trying to bring people out of abject poverty and provide them a better living standard through the wide-ranging program.”

Dr Sania Nishtar said it is the first scheme being set up under public-private partnership under Ehsaas program. She said the scheme will be extended in other parts of the country to provide everyday meals to people in need.


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