Monday, January 30, 2023

Elephant holds groom upside down, video goes viral


A video of an elephant holding the bridegroom upside down with its trunk while having his wedding pictures taken is going viral.

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A viral video was shared on the picture and video-sharing application Instagram. She showed the animal lifting the mahout with its tusk as it furiously moved at Guruvayoor temple in Kerala. He managed to escape when he removed the mel mundu that the elephant had grabbed. 

The second mahout, who was sitting on the animal, tried to balance itself to avoid falling.


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The bridegroom, recalling the incident, said the couple were posing for a wedding picture when people started to run and scream. They followed suit. 

He added his spouse avoids going to places where there are elephants as she is scared of them.

The mahout recalled him telling his wife that the animal will react only if they harm him. In reply, she asked whether they had harmed the animal. 

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The groom said the elephant did not do anything to them. 

The wedding photography company said they had nothing to do with the incident. 

“It is a serious concern regarding negative publicity about the elephant attack, we are not responsible for the subsequent event,” the company stated on Instagram. “As our job progressed, we saw a sudden incident & just covered the same.

“In addition, we did not hire any animals for shooting. Please don’t spread negativity in between. Thank you 😊”


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