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10 activities Karachiites love to indulge in!

1. Who doesn’t love to emulate cricketers in his own street?

Nothing is more deer to us than hitting that taped ball over our made up boundaries for a four or a six! Running between the wickets on a concrete road as well as playing without a third umpire, nothing stops us Karachiites from an enthralling game of street cricket, right in our own backyard!

2. Frere Hall book bazaar, for all the bookworms!

Reading is a habit that won’t do you any harm at all. If you’re into flipping pages and digesting the best from a novel, comic book or magazine, you better head down to Frere Hall book bazaar on a Sunday afternoon. With hordes of stalls and a sea of books, you’re sure to find something to keep that night lamp glowing all night!

3. Indulge in history, at the Mohatta Palace!

If the towering structure and impressive architecture of the Mohatta Palace is not enough to amaze you, take a trip inside to marvel at the historic relics it houses! With various exhibitions providing knowledge and imparting education, you should frequent Mohatta Palace if you’re a history buff!

4. A stroll at the vast Ibn-e-Qasim Park

If you’re a Karachiite, you must have been to this park and taken a stroll here. The vast space dotted with benches, shade-providing plantations and beautiful flowers scattered here and there, there’s something for everyone in this place!

5. Fun and frolic at the hawke’s bay!

We Karachiites are way lucky in this respect. Every once in a while, if the city’s water parks aren’t enough to ward off the heat you despise, head over to the beach! Every activity at the beach is relished, whether it be playing childish games or athletic sports, savoring a tasty meal on your very own hut or enjoying the sunset. Cool your heels with the Arabia Sea!

6. Hook up for a day of fishing!

Head over to Kaemari Port and book a launch with your buddies. Oh, and don’t forget to purchase a fishing rod, hooks and bait so as to catch a deep sea meal! Every once in a while, it sitting in the middle of the ocean in an anchored ship, enjoying the serene atmosphere, is an excellent way to unwind.

7.  Malls for your leisure!

Karachi has recently become home to one of the most exquisite and lavish malls throughout Pakistan. Whether it be the spacious Dolmen Mall, the trendy Park Towers, the styled Ocean Mall, The Place or the happening Forum, there’s plenty of space for you to shop, window shop or tantalize your taste buds at Food Courts!

8. Cinemas, enough said!

Atrium, Cinepax, Nueplex or the Universal Cineplex! If you’re a movie buff cinemas are definitely the place for you. With a bucket of popcorn, a large drink and the movie of your choice playing on a giant screen, nothing can go wrong in my opinion!

9. Boat Basin; our favorite gobbling hotspot!

From early morning on till late at night, Boat Basin remains the center of activity for Karachiites as the food hub of the city! From mouthwatering Halwa Puri early in the day to the Charghas, fast food and traditional delicacies, Boat Basin has it all for everyone!

10. Chai Dhabas!

Everyone loves them for their simplicity, openness and the steaming, delicious cup of tea! Karachiites love tea and a Dhaba is home to all that you crave from discussions or a casual evening to chill out with friends. The Dhaba is the spot to unwind!








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