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10 bizarre conspiracy theories that challenge the imagination

Most of us probably scoff at the majority of conspiracy theories that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts. However, there are undoubtedly a few that are worth paying attention but it is hard to decide which ones hold at least a bit of water.

The fact that we are alive and “self aware” is pretty remarkable on its own. Consciousness itself is a huge mystery to the most brilliant scientists.

Lets check some of the weirdest conspiracy theories ever heard, and judge for yourself if any of them are worth paying attention.

Frozen Nazis

There is a wild conspiracy theory that Adolph Hitler actually escaped in a submarine at the end of World War II with a few of his most-trusted Nazi aides and made their way to Antarctica.

This gets better as for some reason a super-advanced race of aliens who live inside the earth took a liking to Hitler and his aides and took them under their collective wing.

It is unsure where the story goes from there, but maybe Hitler has something to do with all the crazy UFO sightings we have been hearing about for so many years.

Princess Diana

Some people will never forget about the tragic death the beloved Princess Diana who was killed in a tragic car accident in 1997. Naturally, there will be countless conspiracy theories regarding what “really” happened when a beloved public figure like Princess Diana is killed

One of the most enduring conspiracy theories was that she was killed by the royal family to prevent her from marrying her Egyptian fiance Dodi Fayed.


There are many people who believe the AIDS virus was engineered as an experiment in the 1970’s and turned lose in Africa. Some say it was created primarily to kill people of African descent.

A more “inclusive” theory purports that it was released by the CIA to help reduce the world’s population.

Genetics has gone a long way and it is not hard to create a nasty organism like the Aids virus, but releasing it with the intent of killing people is highly questionable.


There is no doubt that the facility the US government erected a weird-looking contraption in Alaska. High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was designed to analyse the atmosphere improve communications and surveillance technology.

Many believe that it had more sinister purpose and has the ability to control the weather, even using weather as a weapon of war. There are also claims that it can trigger earthquakes and tsunamis.

FEMA Coffins

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the US government come under increasing scrutiny in recent years as a favorite target of conspiracy theorists who say the agency has plans to enslave the US population and put them in prison camps.

Somehow or another, someone stumbled upon what was said to be some 500,000 plastic coffins stacked close to a major road in the state of Georgia.

It has been said that the coffins were in preparation for those who would meet their end when the government enacts martial law prior to populating the prison camps.

There is no way to be certain these coffins are where they are said to be and whether they are coffins, or are military purposes, but it is unsettling that half-million causalities are a lot even for a major conventional war.

2004 Tsunami

The devastating Indian Ocean tsunami that claimed upwards of 230,000 lives in 14 countries during 2004 is one of the worst catastrophes in modern history. Major events like this often trigger a host of conspiracy theories, and this one certainly is no different.

One theory says the tsunami was caused when the government of India set off an underwater nuclear explosion as part of their nuclear weapons testing program. Adding a little intrigue, it is also claimed that both the United States and Israel had some involvement.


Many of us have been told since childhood that fluoride is good for our teeth, but these days a lot of people are not buying into the notion that it has been added to drinking water, toothpaste and mouthwash to improve our health.

Some conspiracy theories claim that fluoride is meant to cause more sickness among the population, thereby increasing profits for the pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment. Others say that it affects the brain and is intended to “dumb down” the population.

Pearl Harbour

The day “that will live in infamy” may be even more infamous than we have been lead to believe. A conspiracy theory claims that the US government knew the attack was going to happen and did not warn the military personnel at Pearl Harbour.

President Roosevelt supposedly wanted a justification to get the United States involved in World War II – something that the public was opposed to at the time.

This sounds far-fetched, but knowing that U.S. leaders have engaged in other “false flag” operations such as the Tonkin Gulf incident that was used as justification for Vietnam, it may not be so far-fetched after all.

Elvis Presley

This is probably one of most enduring and well-known conspiracy theories in US history. Since his death in 1977, it has been rumored that Presley did not die at all, and for reasons that are not often provided, he went into hiding and is alive to this day.

“Elvis sightings” have worked their way into popular culture, and are often used jokingly or in a sarcastic way.

There is no difficulty believing that Elvis Presley did die in 1977, since the way he died is certainly not unusual for a celebrity. We also have to face the reality that we all have to go sooner or later, and should conclude that Elvis is dead.

Peak Oil

This caused a stir a few years ago when reports from “experts” claiming that the world’s oil supply would dry up in the near future. The conspiracy theory states that the whole “peak oil” thing was a ruse so that oil companies could raise prices due to the perception of a dwindling supply. This should not be hard to believe at all and is actually surprising that the “conspiracy theory” wasn’t actually conspiracy fact.

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