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10 cartoons we loved to watch as kids!

1. Tom and Jerry

Of course you knew we’d start with this! The traditional, age-old rivalry of Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse has been well documented in the cartoon Tom and Jerry. An all time favorite that has enthralled many, this game of cat and mouse has been cherished by many during their childhood. Whether it be Spike the dog, numerous household items Tom and Jerry make use of as weapons or the fast chase, we simply loved this cartoon back in the day!

2. Scooby-Doo

The brightly colored Mystery Machine vehicle and all behind its wheels lit up our childhoods for good! The gang of five comprising of the braniac Velma, Daphne, Fred, Shaggy and Scooby, always work hard to uncover monsters and villains. The troupe of five are always being chased and hunted down by spooky ghosts or monsters. Clue by clue they unveil the whole plot and expose the masterminds of each plot (by removing each villains masks). The scary duo of Shaggy and Scooby are always afraid at the very sight of danger itself and that makes for one entertaining pair!

3. Johnny Bravo 

Johnny Bravo was one of the funniest songs which made my funny bones tickle every time I watched it! It was really entertaining to watch the muscular Bravo hit on women anywhere and everywhere; only to have his teeth kicked in or his head bashed with a purse! The cheesy pickup lines Johnny used (along with his trademark black shirt, excessively funky styled hair and the sunglasses that never came off) Bravo made for one of the most popular, recognizable cartoon characters from our childhood!

4. The Flintstones

We all loved to go back in time and witness the lifestyle of town Bedrock, didn’t we? The prehistoric portrayal in cartoon Flintstones mesmerized us all as children. Whether it be the dinosaur breathing fire below the stove, Fred’s own feet advancing the car forward or Bam Bam’s superior strength which lifted heavy objects with just his finger, there were many things which made Flintstones the best cartoon!

5. The Jetsons

The future looked extremely fantastic when it came to the Jetsons! Space ships for vehicles and modern machines to equip you with the latest tasks and robots for housemaids made us look forward to life three centuries forward! From Jetsons strict boss Mr.Spacely to the robotic domestic help Rosie, Jetson’s family comprising of Judy, Alroy, Jane and his dog Astro, all made for interesting characters!

6. Captain Planet

We all learned valuable lessons like not to litter the ground or rivers for that matter from Captain Planet himself! Summoned by the power of the five rings, Captain Planet always saw to it that those who sought destruction of our natural world met a dreadful end! Much can be done with the power of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Earth; alone or combined!

7. Thundercats! 

Mumra: The Everliving never gave up, did he? After being repeatedly vanquished by Liono and his fleet of superheroes such as Tigera, Panthero, Cheetara, Mumra alsways returned another day to possibly end the Thundercats. We all loved Liono’s special sword that gave him added skill and at times, vision to outsmart Mumra, didn’t we?

8. The Looney Tunes

Probably the most funniest, popular cartoon of all time! Featuring a list of cartoon characters that entertained us to no end, we all witnessed the carrot munching Bugs Bunney, the spitting Daffy Duck, the cute Tweety or the vicious Coyote go about their business. The Looney Tunes had everyone captivated and if it wasn’t Bugs Bunny were were all rooting for, it was Daffy’s antics that made us all his fans!

9. The Powerpuff girls

Females had something to root for as well with the Powerpuff girls! Featuring the story of three girls born as a result of a chemical experiment gone wrong, the high flying, laser-eyeing girls fight crime in the city of Townsville to keep vicious criminals the likes of eccentric Mojo Jojo, the scheming ‘Him’, the proud Princess or the yucky Green Gang! The Powerpuiff girls are always on the forefront in the fight against evil, just a phone call away (from the mayor).

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The sewer couldn’t house anything better than crime fighting Ninja Turtles wielding an array of weapons from knives, to swords and nunchakus. Trained by Master Splinter, the turtles fight crime in a bid to make good prevail over evil, whilst savoring their favorite delight, pizza! This show had everything, from classical high flying fighting sequences to wisecracks, the troupe of Michael Angelo, Donatello,Rafael and Leonardo gave us a childhood filled with fun!









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