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10 most common Phobias

1. Necrophobia: Fear of Death


Necrophobia is a psychological status of a person, who is afraid of death. These people cannot stand anything that causes death. It is an uncanny feeling that a victim of this phobia suffers from.

2. Acrophobia: Fear of Height

This is one common fear and has caused enormous distress in many people’s life. It is the fear of heights, the heart of an Acrophobic starts pondering and his head starts spinning when he looks from a specific height.

3. Carcinophobia: Fear of Cancer

This disorder is an extreme form of fear from cancer. This phobic considers the entire negative bodily symptoms as any kind of cancer.

4. Brontophobia/Astraphobia: Fear of thunder

Brontophobia also known as Astrophobia is the fear of lighting and thunders. This is also a common phobia in kids and in adults who get scared of thunderstorm. These people hate summer as it is the season of thunderstorm and lighting. It is also known as Keraunophobia and Tonitrophobia.

5. Pediophobia: Fear of Dolls

This is a kind of bizarre phobia but it really exists. Pediophobia is the irrational fear of dolls not dolls like chucky and tiffany from ‘Child’s play’ but all dolls. It is the fear of the doll coming to life.

6. Demonophobia: Fear of Demons

The sufferers of this disorder believe that the evil and super natural beings exist. They believe that demons roam around and cause harm due to this they easily get scared of horror films, become anxious while discussing demons and believe in exorcism.

7. Agyrophobia: Fear of Crossing the Street

This has nothing to do with the fear of cars but an Agyrophobia sufferer is scared of crossing the roads. It is an abnormal and persistent fear of crossing roads, no matter what kind or road it is a wide roads or closed streets these people avoid the whirl of traffic.

8. Claustrophobia – Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Some people get scared of entering in an elevator, riding in a plane and doing shopping in congested streets. These people suffer from claustrophobia. They even face anxiety sometimes from closing the bedroom door.

9. Nyctophobia: Fear of Dark

Fear of dark is one of the most common phobias especially in children. This phobia passes when children get mature but some people retain this phobia throughout their life when the lights turn off.  People also get scared of darkness as it is frequently used in horror movies.

10. Nosophobia: Fear of diseases

Nosophobia is the irrational fear of having specified disease. Sufferers of this phobia either visits the doctor more frequently to know about their health or may instead avoid any interaction with doctor for fear of hearing a bad news.



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