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10 little amusements in Pakistan that you can't find in West

1. The late night cellular packages offered in Pakistan can not be found anywhere else in the phone. Like you can talk whole night for only 3 rupees is really cheap.

2. The maids to do domestic works are very affordable that even middle class can hire maids for their domestic chores.

3. We have cheap labor available in the corners of every street. You can find, plumber, electrician, cobbler within a second and without even paying them much in Pakistan.

4. You have freedom in our country to freely download, music, films and books to enjoy.

5. People need doctor’s prescription to buy some basic antibiotics in west whilst in Pakistan you can even buy sleeping pills without any prescriptions.

6. Women in our country can live without food but we cant afford life without tailors. Getting clothes stitched is relatively economical in our country and our tailors are master of their jobs.

7. Street food is too common in the country and it’s delicious.

8. In Pakistan you can buy a single cigarette very easily. For all the smokers you can’t find it in west.

9. Pakistani dramas have all praises these days, you can find the best dramas on every channel at 8:00 pm that makes us confuse sometime to choose what to watch.

10. We have inexpensive picnic spots like Minar-e-Pakistan, Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam, Zoos and beaches where you can enjoy without spending much money.



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