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10 places you should be at when there is loadshedding

1. Shopping malls can be the ultimate source of distraction, and air conditioning!

Yes, it’s true. When in doubt as to when electricity might be restored again, head over to the closest shopping mall to your house. The numerous air conditioners installed throughout the mall will ensure that you do not sweat profusely. Who says there are no free lunches in this world?

2. A snorkeling equipment always comes in handy during load-shedding 

What better way to beat the heat than to go snorkeling! A fun-filled activity plus you get to waste an ample amount of time, before the load-shedding ends. So next time your area suffers a power outage, the ocean is where you should be headed off to!

3. The fridge

It’s about time us Pakistanis started exploring electrical appliances in multifaceted ways. Soon as the lights go out, hop into your fridge and absorb all the cooling there is!

4. An igloo might not sound like a bad idea 

Their rare in Pakistan (non-existent in fact) but the fact remains that nothing can keep you cooler than an igloo.

5. Your own bed; but with the right companion!

Remain undaunted by load-shedding. So what if electricity won’t be restored for the next 4-5 hours? With a little bit of innovation, you can always work wonders. For instance, sleep with a large ice block in your bed!

6. Head over to your car

Air-conditioners aren’t only installed in our homes, in our rooms are they? Next time K-Electric deprives you of electricity for a good 3 hours or so, head on towards your car and blast on the air conditioner!

7. Restaurant

If the heat is getting unbearable, venture outside to a restaurant for food and drinks. Yes it will cost you but chances are the lively atmosphere and the air-conditioned indoors will prove to be cheery to some extent.

8. You can always join The Night’s Watch

For fans of Game of Thrones, it’s never too late. With Jon Snow gone and the White Walkers amassing a colossal army, now is the chance to take to The Wall! Sure, you might not be able to father any sons and your watch ends with your death but still, the weather there is icy cold! Something to escape the harsh summer of Pakistan!

9. Take a swim in an aquarium

Take a dip and swim with the fishes for a while. Sometimes, a good exercise is what’s needed to clear the mind and we all need plenty of that, during load-shedding hours!

10. ‘Light a cold’

We’ve always heard of lighting a fire to steady our chilled bones, haven’t we? Well, in Pakistan, even the adverse is possible! See for yourself!



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