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10 priceless monuments destroyed in clashes

Quaid e Azam residency, Pakistan



Quaid-e-Azam residency in Ziarat was one of the most beautiful and elegant legacy of Quaid-e-Azam Pakistan had treasured. It was a 121 year old wooden building, which was the home of the founder of the country. Ziarat residency is the place where Quaid spent the last days of his life. This place was targeted by the terrorist in 2013. The rocket fire attack demolished the whole infrastructure of the residency including the memories of Quaid that was preserved there in the museum.

Prophet Yunus’s Shrine


The resting place of Prophet Yunus is in Iraq. The site dated to the 8th century BC, is of great importance as Muslims and Christian from all over the world visits the Mausoleum as the last place of their prophet. This monument was completely destroyed by ISIS militants in 2014.

Khaled bin Walid Mosque


Khalid bin Walid’s Mosque is one of the most famous mosque of Ottoman Empire in Syria. The Mausoleum is very sacred for Muslims as it is the last resting place of Khalid Bin Walid the companion of last Prophet of Muslims. The holy site is now partially destroyed by the terrorist attack.

The Buddhas of Bamyan


The sculpture of Budha standing on cliff in the war-torn country Afghanistan was the most spectacular legacy of Buddhism.  The statues were the tallest in the world and were around 15,000 years old were destroyed by Taliban in 2001. Taliban considered the sculptures idolatrous and they abolished them with Dynamite.

The ancient city of Bosra


Bosra is located in Syria, it is an ancient city that has some remarkable monuments of Muslims, Roman and Byzantine times. A magnificent 2nd-century Roman theatre which was constructed under Trajan, early Christian ruins and several mosques that has significant value in Islam, are found within its great walls. Albeit the monuments survived intact in different wartimes but archaeologists say that current mortar shelling has caused a severe damage to the sites.

The Great Mosque of Aleppo


The oldest mosque in the world built by Umayyad Dynasty is a world heritage site built in 715 in Syria. The epic infrastructure was completed in 12th century after the construction of its famous minarets. However the great archaeological site faced brutal damage during the Syrian civil war and its minaret has toppled.

Great Mosque of Samarra


Iraq is the country that has suffered severely from the war, the region had treasured the ruins and monuments of early civilization but war has rubble it all. The Samarra Mosque was once the largest mosque in the world was built in 9th century.  The site was so significant that it was featured on the banknote.  The site was bomber by militants in 2005 as US troops were using it as a lookout place.

Armenian genocide museum, Syria


Armenian genocide memorial site was a museum situated in Syria that had preserved the remains of victims and memories 1.5 million Armenians killed between 1915 and 1923. The complex was a yearly destination for pilgrims from around the world that had church museum and fire. The complex was also destroyed by ISIS in 2014.

Old Beirut


Old Beirut in Lebanon was once called the Paris of Middle East for its mixed architecture ottoman, French and Art Deco.  A 15 years old civil war, bombing and shelling during that era has murdered the symbolic architecture of the region.

Nimrud, Iraq

Nimrud is located in the north of Iraq. It has significant historical background the place was first occupied by Hellenistic period and later Assyrian period.  The city was the royal residence and capital of Assyrian empire and it treasures statues, jewels and monuments. However, the invasion in 2003 devastated the site by looting and most of its precious pieces got stolen.



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