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10 reasons You need to move to Karachi

1. Because the historical museum on Quaid e Azam’s birth place where they have treasure his belonging is in Karachi


2. Because this is how it looks like at night that’s why it is called the city of lights.


3. Because we have some beautiful beaches for picnics and we also have scuba diving here.


4. Because you can always see and enjoy some good plays at theatres by young talented people with thought provoking messages.

5. One of the most beautiful picture of old time architecture Mohatta Palace is in Karachi. The stunning façade of the building cant be found anywhere else in the country.


6. Because you can enjoy some delicious yet cheap food in every corner of the city at any time


7. Because only here you can find the true love and competition in buying ‘Eid-ul-Azha Kay Janwar’ as the biggest cow mandi of Asia settles here during the festive time.


8. Because you can do unlimited bargaining here and can find everything on earth from cheap to high-priced commodities


9. Because no matter how humid and hot the day time is in summers nights are always breezy


10. Because it is the last resting place of the founder of Pakistan and other founding fathers.




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