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10 reasons that make us proud of Pakistan!

Pakistan is a complex nation, with diversity in culture, language, customs, religion and sporting activities. Pakistan is currently embroiled in a couple of serious problems that threaten its existence. Be it the extremist elements who are rampant in the country or an economy in shambles; Pakistan is bearing the brunt of arduous challenges.

However, we have come up with ten reasons for you to keep your chin up and be proud of Pakistan. Despite the unending obstacles and all odds stacked against us, we Pakistanis deliver on many fronts. Here is a collection of ten reasons why you should never lose hope in Pakistan and always be proud of your nation!

1. A fierce armed force that never hesitates to live up to its peoples expectations!

With our wide array of Ghazi and Shaheen missiles, an air force with the capability to bombard any hostile nation back to the stone-age and soldiers as fierce as lions, Pakistan Army makes us proud. Despite being the sixth largest army in the world, Pakistan has fought and successfully defended invasions against an enemy five times its size. Our armed forces have also aided their civilian brothers in dire times such as earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks etc. We are proud of our army!

2. Examples of bravery we can look up to!

Tahira Qazi, the headmistress of ill-fated Army Public School in Peshawar, who with daunting courage, confronted militants head on and refused to leave her children behind. Ultimately shot dead, Tahira’s legacy lives on as she continues to inspire millions today. Nasrallah Shajji, the Jamat-i-Islami leader who selflessly dived into Kunhar river to save a drowning child, also laid down his life for another. These were normal human beings who never hesitated in safeguarding the lives of their brethren when it came to fateful circumstances.

3. Sports personalities who make us proud internationally!

Maria Toorpakay shocked the world when she emerged on the international scene as a talented female squash player. Hailing from a conservative society in South Waziristan, Maria made her way to the top of Pakistan’s female squash players ranking and represented her country in international events.

Muhammad Asif earned the nation’s felicitations and pride when he won the IBSF World Snooker Championship. With a dismal sporting infrastructure and negligible governmental support, these stars shine for the world to see. That too, all on their own!

4. Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and SIUT!

The poor of this nation always find respite in Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital whenever misfortune in the form is this deadly disease strikes them. 70% patients of the hospital are treated free of cost, an impressive feat keeping in mind how costly cancer treatment is. SIUT, another charitable organization that tends to provide the poor with free dialysis and kidney transplantation services, is working miracles for the downtrodden.

5.  Edhi and Chhipa welfare organizations that provide relief to the poor on a daily basis

Abdul Sattar Edhi is arguably the most respected individual and well known philanthropist in Pakistan. The Edhi foundation has aided the destitute of this country in every way possible. Edhi’s ambulance network is the largest ambulance service in the world, a feat that has made Pakistanis proud. Chhipa welfare organization also sees to it that Pakistanis are clothed, fed and treated well on a daily basis. Both Edhi and Chhipa organizations have several rehabilitation centers that provide help to the needy.

6. Demonstration of unity in the face of natural disasters

Pakistanis always come together in the wake of national disasters and calamities. Unprecedented show of unity and solidarity was demonstrated by the whole nation when the 2005 October earthquake struck our country. With thousands dead and millions displaced, food rations and medical relief poured in from all parts of the country.

7. Celebrities who give back to our society!

With Zindagi Trust, Shehzad Roy battled illiteracy and continues to do his best to educate the less fortunate members of his country. Other celebrity figures such as Jawad Ahmad, Meera and Shahid Afridi have also pledged to provide relief to the poor in form of hospitals and relief operations.

8. Female global icons we can be proud of!

Benazir Bhutto, the first female Head of State in an Islamic country, is recognized around the world as a martyr for democracy and champion of human rights. In the same way, Malala Yusufzai has won countless awards, from the Nobel Peace prize to even a Grammy award! Pakistan’s female icons have made us proud time and again.

9. Educational qualifications and achievements we can boast about!

Who hasn’t heard of the unexpected achievements by Arfa Karim and Ali Moeen Nawazish in their respective fields? Arfa broke the world record when she became Microsoft’s youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) at the age of nine. Ali Moeen Nawazish made his nation proud when he secured 22A’s in his A-Levels qualification, a feat which had been unmatched at the time. Pakistan has flaunted immense talent in the form of these young, brilliant individuals who did us all proud.

10. Natural treasures that we have inherited!

Yes, Pakistan has been blessed with numerous natural benefits and reserves. If extracted and exploited, these natural properties would serve our country in the best possible way. With Gwadar Port, we have the largest deep-sea port in the world. One of the largest glaciers in the world at our disposal, Pakistan has a lot to tap into to extract water for various purposes.



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