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10 reasons why India is in dire need of Burnol!

From unprovoked, aggressive violations of ceasefire across the Line of Control (LoC) to inciting statements by the Indian leadership, it is apparent that Pakistan has annoyed its eastern neighbour a great deal in the recent past. It’s not simply a case of Pakistan being a safe haven for terrorists that irks India; oh no, it’s quite the opposite. Pakistan’s improving law and order situation as well as its better performance overall, is what is causing India burns. Here are ten reasons why Pakistan should hand over India a burnol, to soothe their aching wounds!

1. The CPEC project has given India sleepless nights ever since its inception

Ever since China made its intentions to invest heavily in Pakistan through the China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor project, India has been fretting all the time. The CPEC project can stabilize Pakistan, meets its energy woes and provide much needed financial stabnility to the Islamic Republic. If you think India would like that, you have another think coming!

2. The demand for Khalistan 

Sikhs in India are invigorated and charged up at the moment, to launch a fiery Khalistan movement. The Khalistan movement seeks to demand a separate homeland from the Indian government for the Sikhs. India, given the case of 1971, has always meddled in Pakistan’s internal affairs but remains tight-lipped about its own! No wonder their anger, anguish and worries are increasing day by day!

3. Pakistan is the only country that opposes India’s autocratic mindset in the region

Time and again, India has attempted to malign and degrade Pakistan, due to the fact that the Islamic Republic remains the only thorn in India’s side. India encounters strict opposition from Pakistan in its mission to intimidate and bully the smaller countries of South Asia.

4. Success of Operation Zarb-e-Azb

Let’s face it, the whole world is witness to the fact that Pakistan Army has broken the back of Islamic militants opposed to the country’s existence. India cannot afford to see a Pakistan which is not rife with killings, lawlessness and unstable circumstances. Hence, we know why our hostile neighbours are so riled up!

5. Modi’s old habits will die hard

I mean come on. What were we expecting from a mass murderer and a criminal, who got elected? We did witness Modi’s hostile behaviour towards the Muslims of Gujarat and how he abetted their murders. Of course, killing civilians through unprovoked shelling is all we can expect from the barbarian!

6. Pakistan’s improving economic situation

As mentioned, the Chinese investment and an improving law and order has done wonders for Pakistan’s economy. Not only has our GDP increased during the Sharif tenure, businessmen and investors have started warming up to the Islamic country. Regarding India, do I need to state the obvious now?

7. RAW agents not at large anymore

Pakistan has been rounding up in droves, RAW agents which had been previously at large. Especially from Karachi, these anti-state elements from the Indian side have spilled the beans regarding India’s nefarious activities. Hence, Pakistan has the upper hand on the enemy’s tactics for the time being.

8. Balochistan is ever the secure province we all want it to be

On Pakistan’s Independence Day, more than 400 militants laid down their arms in Balochistan and agreed to give up their demand to secede from the country. This dealt a crushing blow to India, which has always financed, supplied and supported insurgency in Balochistan on a massive scale. Kudos to Pakistan Army, again!

9. An army chief we are proud of! 

Pakistan’s army chief General Raheel Sharif has India in shivers. For one, he has dealt a crushing blow to the insurgents that caused immense harm to Pakistan and also kept the army out of politics. General Raheel’s endearing efforts have also culminated in Pakistan Army becoming a more stronger and better disciplined institution than ever before!

10. A peaceful Afghanistan translates into a peaceful Pakistan

Pakistan is brokering a peace deal between the Afghan government and the Taliban, which will ensure that peace prevails in Afghanistan. India, which has used Afghan soil to launch anti-Pakistan activities, is again feverish regarding these developments.

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