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10 reasons why Pakistan makes way better drama serials than India…

1. Our dramas show there’s more to life than just Saas-Bahu conflicts…

Yes, Indian drama serials would certainly improve a notch if they were to highlight other social issues and not just domestic disputes between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law! Isn’t there more to life (and drama serials) than that?

2. Jewelry overload! 

Why so flashy? Women who are depicted in Indian drama serials have tons and tons of ornaments on. Who wears jewelry worth millions of rupees at home, while cooking food and trading barbs with the proverbial saas?

3. Keeping the songs to where they belong…

In case Indian drama serial directors didn’t know, not every scene requires a song. Just take a look at Pakistani drama serials. Whether it be Humsafar or any other drama serial, we like to keep songs to where they belong. Every important dialogue or emotional scene in an Indian drama serial has its own song drafted for that very purpose!

4. Proper pairings always do the trick

Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan made Humsafar into a sensational hit. Similarly, Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat will certainly guarantee a hit drama serial with Dillagi. Indian drama serials fail to register proper pairings and as a result, their drama serials are filled with lacklustre performances.

5. We keep it real! 

Yup, this is what we do. We don’t showcases palaces as houses for our characters. A simple Pakistani middle class family is shown as is–with an average lifestyle and non-exquisite houses. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Indian drama serials…

6.  Too much make-up everywhere! 

This is one problem that Indian drama serials must address, ASAP! Too much make-up dilutes the realistic portrayal and might also end up damaging our eyes in the long run!

7. Pakistani drama serials have original plots–seriously what the hell is Rani Mahal?

As if the game shows weren’t enough, Indians  have now come up with their own rendition of Game of Thrones! Seriously? I mean, Sakshi Thanvar for Khaleesi? Whatever happened to originality?

8. Our drama serials have a specific aim and purpose–that’s why they end on time! 

Pakistanis simply don’t have the patience for a trillion episodes and countless seasons! Once the show reaches a suitable ending, we like to call it quits and focus on another project. An Indian drama serial, on the other hand, outlives the galaxy!

9. There’s only so much twists and turns we can handle!

Too many twists and turns spoil the plot at times. Let there be normalcy, for heaven’s sake!

10. Indian serials direly need night suits!

Indians never get the concept of being natural and keeping things realistic! Even their actors and actresses, when sleeping, are pictured in heavily embroidered clothes or lavish clothing. Word to Indian drama serials:night suits won’t do you much harm, either!



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