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10 reasons to love your mother!

From their sleepless nights to laboring for us throughout their lives, mothers deserve it all yet they take none! The bond of a child with his/her mother is the strongest and closest bond that exists in the whole world. A mother loves her child unconditionally and with all her heart and soul. In order to pay tribute to all her sacrifices and struggles for us, here are 10 reasons why we love our Mother’s more than anything in this world:-

1. For the simple reason that she bore her child!

A mother goes through immense difficulties and troubles to bear her child. She is the first introduction to her child and starts taking care of her baby before it is born.

2. A mother loves her child unconditionally.

Everyone you encounter in your daily life will love you or pretend to love you for any fine qualities that you might possess. Your riches, good looks or personality might attract lots of well-wishers and admirers. However, a mother loves her child regardless of his/her faults and cons. There are no strings attached to a mother’s love for her child; it is a naturally pure phenomena!

3. A mother sacrifices her entire life for her children.

As compared to her child, everything is secondary in nature for a mother, be it her work, hobbies or her own comforts, luxuries. Ever since a woman becomes a mother, her whole world starts revolving around her child. From feeding, clothing, educating and sheltering a child, a mother does her best to make sure her child is provided with the best care.

4. Mothers are the best cooks, hands down!

Mothers know how to whip up the most delicious dishes and cook scrumptious meals! Not only does her cooking tantalize the taste buds, it is also hygienic and made with extra care and love.

5. A mother is an all-rounder!

Yes, she really bats for her child when the need be! A mother cooks, cleans, educates, provides and brings up her child. A mother’s job is the most difficult one in the world and the marvelous aspect of it is the fact that she doesn’t even charge a penny for it!

6. Mothers are soft and kind in nature.

Since she is a woman and one who love her child unconditionally, a child can broach any subject with his/her mother and confide in a mom. Where most of the times children are scared of their fathers, mothers are the ones with whom children share their secrets with.

7. Mothers are the best listeners.

Yes they are! Mothers listen to all our troubles, woes, problems, complaints and frustrations. They do so with impeccable skill and patience.

8. A mother takes joy in every accomplishment of her child.

Whenever a child accomplishes anything worthwhile, the mother feels elated and overjoyed ten times more than her kid. This is due to the fact that her whole life revolves around her child and every success of the son/daughter enlivens her heart more than anyone else’s.

9. A mother wants her child to have everything she didn’t. 

Have you ever wondered why she works so hard to give her child the best education, upbringing and environment? That is because a mother’s sole wish is for her child to have it all when it grows up!

10. Mothers are respected across all religions.

Be it Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other major religion in the world, all emphasize on respecting and revering one’s mother. God recognizes the lfty status that mothers deserve on account of their countless sacrifices.


For the simple fact that she brought us into this world and undertook a great deal of pain and trouble doing it, a mother is the sole reason we accomplish anything worthwhile. If it wasn’t for the way she taught us how to work hard, diligently and live a wholesome life, we wouldn’t be anywhere.

Mothers brave it all for us, whether it be the troubles of bearing a child in her womb for nine months or working continuously to make sure her children are well provided for. Let’s celebrate mothers and recognize their efforts for all they do each and every day of their lives for their children.









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