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10 riveting verses by Allama Iqbal

His poems, both for children and adults alike, inspire multiple emotions within a human being. Iqbal’s poetry is often reflective of man’s purpose and his satanic inhibitions. At other instances, they are full of hope and the ability to achieve through hard work and dedication. We have decided to extract ten famous verses from Iqbal’s various poetic expressions, so as to give you an idea regarding his genius:-

1. Tera Imam Be Huzoor, Teri Namaz Be Suroor, 

Esi Namaz Se Guzar Ese Imam Se Guzar

Speaking out against clergymen like he frequently used to do, Iqbal questions the use of a prayer without the relevant pious intentions and a prayer leader who does not have respect. Allama warns us not to associate ourselves with both.

2. Roz-e- Hisaab Jab Pesh Ho Mera Daftare Amal

Aap Bhi Sharamsaar Ho Mai Bi Sharamsaar Hu

Iqbal wonders at how imperfect human beings are and when one day man is shown his shortcomings and character defaults, he will be ashamed. Also, Iqbal makes it known that man has all these shortcomings and weaknesses as God has made him so.

3. Samandar Se Milay Piyaase Ko Shabnam

Bukheli Hai Ye Razzaqi Nahi Hai

Iqbal discusses those who spend a miserly amount out of their vast financial wealth. According to him, it is not generosity but miserliness to spend a trifle amount from a gigantic sum.

4. Tu Shaheen Hai Parvaaz Hai Kaam Tera

Tere Saamnay Aasmaan Aur Bhi Hain

One of his very famous verses, Iqbal highlights the importance of the youth, whom he specifically referred to as ‘Shaheen’ or eagle. Iqbal highlighted the potential of young people and encouraged them to conquer new areas, as was their destiny to do so.

5. Jinhe Main Dhoondta Tha Aasmanon May Zameenon May

Vo Niklay Meray Zulmat Khaana-e-eDil K Makeenon May

Through this verse, Iqbal tells us that he tried hard to find God wherever he could; be it land or the everlasting sky. Unable to locate the Supreme Being there, he finally understood that God is closest to human beings as He resides in our hearts.

6. Aqaabi Rooh Jab Bedaar Hoti Hai Naujawanon May

Nazar Aati Hai Inko Apni Manzil Aasmanon May

This verse yet again shows how Iqbal viewed potential and ability in the youth. According to Iqbal, when competency and the desire to perform is stirred in youthful souls, sky is the limit for them!

7. Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna K Har Taqdeer Se Pehlay, Khuday Banday Se Ye Khud Poochay

Bta, Teri Raza Kia Hai

Perhaps the most celebrated and trademark verse penned by Iqbal of all time. Transformed into popular songs, this simple, elegantly composed verse is extremely comprehensive. Iqbal advises man to elevate himself to such a lofty status through such pious actions that God Himself extends His favors to the person. Also, reform your character and deeds to such an extent, that God decrees every decision as per your liking.

8. Firqa Bandi Hai Kaheen Aur Kaheen Zaaten Hain

Kia Zamaanay May Panapnay Ki Yehi Baaten Hain?

This famous verse from Jawaab-e-Shikva, the talented poet tried to paint a vivid picture of God’s displeasure with Muslims. The follow up to his earlier poem ‘Shikva’, Iqbal questions man as to his various deviations, forming sections and further segregating themselves into different ethnic groups. Iqbal implores man to think if this is the only way possible to coexist?

9. Dhoondta Phirta Hu Mai Iqbal Apne Aap Ko

Aap Hi Goya Musafir, Aap Manzil Hu Mai

Through this intrinsic verse, Iqbal depicts his journey of self discovery. Man himself is so complicated that when he tries to figure himself out and his goals, desires, inhibitions, he ends up lost. He is the traveler within himself as well as the final place of destination.

10. Tere Ishq Ki Inteha Chahta Hu

Meri Saadgi Dekh, Kia Chahta Hu 

Yet another one of Iqbal’s verses which feature dual meanings. Iqbal points out his simple and humble desire; to seek maximum love from his lover and nothing more. He does not demand worldly fortunes or anything else in return. Also it can be interpreted as Iqbal’s wish to be loved is equivalent to a joke and almost foolish of him to expect such a possibility.




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