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10 things you go through when your guests visit!

We all have relatives visit us every now and then. A relative’s or guest’s visit induces quite a big change in us every now and then! From cleaning up our houses to dressing up fin order to face them, here’s a list of what goes down when any distant or nearby relative is about to come at your doorstep!

1. Clean-the-room frenzy!

Who keeps their house spick and span all the time? No one! We all like our things to be cluttered and out of place since that is our comfort zone. However, soon as we get word about an expected visit of a relative, the cleaning frenzy begins! Usually commanded by the mother, it involves everything from making your bed to folding your clothes neatly into a closet!

2. The grooming begins!

If you’re like me and prefer not shaving every other day , bad news for you! Right before the dreaded arrival of your relative, you have to scrape off that unkempt beard or facial hair in order to present yourself as ‘presentable’!

3. Time to iron out those wrinkles!

Your very own PJ’s and casual t-shirt has to be replaced by something more fitting for another person to see. With an armful of clothes and that frowning expression we all make, to the iron stand it is!

4. Shopping for the delicacies!

You can’t turn those who call on you away empty handed or more appropriately, on an empty stomach, can you? On our parents bidding (the mother usually) we have to go shopping for snacks and treats to fill our impending guests belly. The longer the visit, the more it costs us, literally!

5. Toiletries, please! 

Not sure if this happens on a large scale, but won;t hurt to implement! I always check if the necessary toiletries are present in each and every washroom or not. Nothing spells embarrassment than a hygienically deprived bathroom!

6. The long wait! 

If you’re not quite fond of meeting your relatives or house guests, the wait till they arrive can be excruciating! Not because you long for their company but so that it gets over soon enough!

7. The meet and greet!

Alas, your guests arrive! Meeting relatives you seldom recognize or are not that comfortable with can be difficult. For one, greeting them is awkward and too formal! Whilst a friendly handshake or slang jibe is what you can use for your friend who visits, with these people, a mere handshake is enough!

8. The interrogation! 

“What are you studying?”

“What do you plan on doing in life?”

“How are your studies going?”

These are questions you normally answer in an interview as a job candidate, not in your own living room! Don’t you just hate it when a judgmental uncle or a cynical aunty rapid fires these queries at you?

9. Attacking the food tray when they leave!

Something to look forward to! Soon as your guests amble outside exchanging pleasantries with your parents, the food tray (or trolley) is the only thing that matters! All I do is feed my face with the untouched food lying on the trolley!

10. Back to the same old, unorganized self!

Their gone, time to slip back into those wrinkled, comfortable clothes again! Sprawl onto your bed (or sofa, whichever suits you best) the way you want and crank up the volume on your speakers! It’s your comfort zone all over again!







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