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10 things we were fond of as kids!

Remember when computer games and advanced technology or the latest mobile phones, were not the order of the day? Back when people stayed more in touch with simple objects? Here are a list of objects that remind us of the 90s:-

1. Nintendo 64!


Simpler time, simpler consoles. Every child from the 90s used to adore Nintendo 64, especially Splaying Super Mario on it. Call of Duty and Medal of Honour on Xbox 360 and Playstation 4 might have replaced Ninendo 64 from our lives. Yet, we do have some fond memories attached to this console!

2. VHS


Ok, this is really vintage stuff. VHS or these video tape cassettes used to be the order of the day, back in the 90s! When circular disks were not ‘in’, these video tapes had everything on them, from our marriage videos to our special Bollywood films. These babies did not scratch, unlike the CDs we love so much these days!

3. Light up yoyos


Remember when we used to have them in the palm of our hands and slung them down whenever we wanted? Light up yoyos used to be the most prized possession back in the 90s. If another kid got one, you had to go and buy a better one!

4. Walkman/ Discman


Walkman and Discman used to be your favourite object for listening to music. These comparatively large devices to pocket-sized mp3 players nowadays, were carried with pride by every kid, back in the day. However, these objects have now been rendered as outdated as well.

5. Light Up sneakers


We liked to move and groove with style, during the 90s as well, didn’t we? Nothing meant style and swag such as these classical sneakers which lit up our shoes and hearts at the same time!

6. Dial up internet


Until high-speed internet took over our lives, dial-up-internet and its sound is still attached to our memories from that era. Those were the days,weren’t they?

7. Toy Games


Yeah, back in the day we used to rely on electronic games the least! Here are a couple of games which we used to love in the 90s and before. These fishing toys, racing toys and mechanical toy sets made our days!

8. Lego


I know we covered toys in the previous heading, but don’t you think this deserves a heading of its own? Tables, houses and buildings. We made it all, with Lego!

9. Fortune Teller paper


Self-explanatory! We used to revel in making and selecting the options from Fortune Tellers!

10. Cartoons!


Cartoon Network used to light our lives up, make us laugh and entertain us to no end! Johnny Bravo, The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Swat Kats, The Looney Tunes, Tom and Jetty and a lot more!



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