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10 things you love about chai!

Pakistanis just can’t get enough of tea! Whether it be the local dhaba where you are bound to consume a cup over a discussion with your friends or after a hectic schedule of studying at the library. The point is, tea liberates you from the usual state and uplifts your mood via its delicious taste! Here are a list of ten things we love about tea:-

1. From saada chai to doodh patti!

Yes indeed! Our very own local flavors range from an impressive saada chai to doodh patti (milk and tea). Pakistanis also like to consume green tea, kahwa or Kashmiri chai, based on each individual’s own preferences. We have enough flavors to quell our thirst for tea!

2. The stress release that comes with it!

Tired of studying for hours on end without a break? Are you hyper tensed or worried about something that is about to happen but your shivers just won’t go away? Well, tea seems to be the right answer for all your stress worries! A nice cup of tea does wonders to relax our minds and focus on the solution with a more clearer approach!

3. The various snacks that cater to the taste of tea!

Biscuits, samosas, Nimco delights, cupcakes and what not! With tea, all these items are yummy and make for absolutely perfect snacks!

4. The fact that it is hot!

The warmth of tea does wonders for us, doesn’t it? Helps to disperse that irritating pounding in your head every time you suffer from a headache. Also, there’s something not right about cold tea!

5. Feels magical on a full stomach!

When you have eaten your fill and savored every bit of a scrumptious lunch or dinner, a nice cup of tea feels like the icing on the cake! Nothing to wash down a hearty supper like a steaming cup of chai!

6. There’s something in it for smokers too!

Who can deny the powerful bond that cigarette and tea share? Often the two are consumed together as they provide a soothing touch to the occupied mind. Smokers can relate to this!

7. Your morning energizer!

Getting up in the morning is a Herculean task, isn’t it? Thank God we have tea to help us with it! One cup of tea leaves you wide awake for the rest of the day!

8. As opposed to coffee

Coffee, tea’s sister drink, is also favored by a large population in the world (particularly the west). However, too much caffeine has distressing effects on the health such as depression, anxiety or heart complications etc. Tea, on the other hand, has a mild effect and does not cause any adverse health issues!

9. Health benefits of tea!

Yes, there are many reasons tea accounts for good health. Tea contains a good amount of antioxidants which help in filtering harmful oxides from your body. Also, tea strengthens your immune system and also enables strong functioning of the heart. According to various studies and researches, tea also helps to ward off stokes. So what’s stopping you from consuming a cup, right now?

10. Simply the taste of tea!

Tea tastes simple, elegant yet royal. Unlike coffee, it is not a strong beverage whose over consumption is bound to keep you up at nights, cause heart  burning or anxiousness. The taste of tea is evenly matched, not too strong to cause an adverse health effect neither too light to be ineffective as regards to stress. Oh and did I mention, it has a real exotic and delicious taste as well?



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