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10 unforgettable Pakistani dialogues

‘Jo Kaha tha maine such tha, Jo suna tha wo nahi Tha’. This dialogue was uttered in Dilip Kumar and Talat Aziz style by the legend Moin Akhtar in Aangan Terha.

Mujhe kaam batao mai kiya karoon mai kis ko Khaoon’. Every kid of nineties loved this character and used to hymn it in the same style always.

“Miss Sanya Mere Naam Qabacha hai”. This name from drama serial ‘Tanhaiyaan’  gave Behroz Sabzwari a never ending fame.


Mola khush rakhey Baji Jee pehchana, nai Pehchana’. The is the most famous dialogue of a very popular sitcom Family Front.

Marks & Spencer ke suits ya tou bohat ameer log pehannte hain ya phir mere Jaise’. word by Captain Gulsher of Alpha Bravo Charlie.

‘My name is Rambo Rambo John Rambo…Cockroach killer’! This famous dialogue from Guest House became the signature line of actor Afzal Khan.

‘Jab Khila Nahi Sakte tou paida kyun karte ho‘. Well, there would be really of us who don’t know about this line.

‘Main tumse bohat pyar karti hon Ashar, Mai tumhe apni zindagi barbaad nahi karne Doongi‘. This is another famous line from a drama of the year.

‘Aap kiya samajhte hain, mai ap pe fida hogaye Hoon, Bohat he aam si shakal ke admi hain Ap‘. Famous frivolous dialogue said by Shahnaz of Alpha Bravo Charlie in a serious mood.

‘Bus token! Yehi to baatein hain humari‘. There was the time that this line gave a new identity to Faisal Qureshi.



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