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10 most visited sites of the world

1. Google

Google ranks top in the list of most visited website of the world. Google is also the owner of YouTube and Blogger. It provides many features, most popular being its search engine and Gmail, the popular email service. It also provides social networking tools and service for mobile devices. It gives you million search results of pictures videos and articles with a single click.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the 2nd most visited site. It is a social networking website started by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. It was initially a collage based site for networking but now it has grown to have more than one billion users worldwide. It helps people to communicate, share pictures, and provides forum.

3. YouTube


This is the most popular site that was designed to watch and share videos.  It enables the user to get their video uploaded to a larger audience. You can watch, tag and share videos worldwide on YouTube. It was formed in 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Google purchased it for over $ 1 billion in 2006.  

4. Yahoo

The Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle (Yahoo) is the best service provider with high speed. It is a major internet portal that offers to its users, chat rooms, messengers, free e-mails, search results and content provider.

5. Baidu.com

Baidu is a Chinese language leading search engine of China. It provides simpe and reliable search in Chinese language from multi-media contents to music downloads and WAP based mobile internet search engines. It offers around 50 services to its user.

6. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is like a digital encyclopedia but unlike encyclopedia it can be collaboratively edited in multilingual forms and can be edited and rewritten by users. It has around 30 million articles in 287 languages and is written collaboratively by volunteers around the world. It was started in 2001.

7. Tencent QQ

Tencent is also a China based website that provides IM services, search engine and mailing. They have some 6 million users and it also provides shopping and dating on their site. They have china’s largest internet shopping platform.

8. Linkedin

When facebook and twitter rose to fame the need of linkedIn type of social networking site was felt. LinkedIn is a social network that connects all the fresh candidates with the professional and experts of different fields. It is a best site for job recommendations and selections.


 9. Taobao

Taobao is a consumer -to-consumer market place in China which was launch in 2003. It is the most popular site in china that connects buyer with the best market place having around 760 million products as par their 2013 list. It is currently on 9th in Alexa list.

10. Twitter

Twitter ranks tenth in the list of most visited site. Twitter is a social micro-blogging network which is now considered as the most powerful and instant tool of information.



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