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107-year old woman who danced with US President Obama, obtains photo ID

Virginia McLaurin, a native of South Carolina, gained prominence and fame online after her dance with United States President Barack Obama went viral over the internet. McLaurin was facing trouble owing to the new, tough federal legislation through which a person can obtain his/her photographic identification card. Since she did not have her birth certificate, the 107-year old American was encountering problems in obtaining her ID.

This Tuesday, District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser provided McLaurin with a new temporary identity card and announced more options for those who wanted to obtain their identity cards and were aged 70 or older. Federal laws in the US do not allow a person to board an aircraft without their photo ID. Now, it is possible for the old woman to travel to New York or Los Angeles for interviews regarding her meeting with Barack Obama.

“I am especially happy to know that now all seniors in D.C. will be able to get an ID more easily,” said McLaurin.

Here’s what happened when McLaurin finally got to meet Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House back in February.



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