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11 celebrity lookalikes that will blow your mind!

It is believed that at least six people in the world have their dopplegangers. How true that is could only be gauged when you happen to have a glance at such lookalikes either in person or in a picture.

And these lookalikes immediately get attention if they look similar to a prominent figure.

Sometimes ordinary people being doppelganger of a celebrity can have the best of their fate. And we have seen in case of Shah Rukh, whose lookalike earns around 7,00,000 a month.

Here we take a look at duplicates of celebrities whose stunning looks can dupe anyone.



Shah Rukh Khan


Saif Ali Khan


Parineeti Chopra



Salman Khan

Bollywood’s king Salman Khan has a fan/lookalike in Afghanistan-born model Najeem Khan. The young lad not only passes off as a young Salman in his photo shoots but also had the honour of playing the superstar’s younger self in the film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

Najeem also had the opportunity to meet the ‘Dabangg’ Khan on the film sets and take a lesson or two from the man himself.

Ishant Sharma



Aamir Khan



John Abraham



Ranbir Kapoor

Meet Junaid Shah, aka Ranbir Kapoor’s doppelganger from Srinagar, Kashmir. The college lad and model made headlines a while back when pictures from his photo shoot surfaced online.

His stunning uncanny resemblance with Ranbir and his character from ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ is quite amazing.


Priyanka Chopra


Canada-based fitness blogger, Navpreet Banga started driving internet crazy with her pictures bearing much resemblance to the actress.

Navpreet Banga as she likes to call herself, is making people start and stutter thanks to her uncanny resemblance with Bollywood’s reigning diva and Hollywood’s hottest import.




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