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11 places that only Karachiites can relate with!

The best part of the city is that you can find any delicious food from Karhai to Qeema in a small local restaurant. Here we present you the list of some small restaurant chains which have earned an unique place in the city for their tasty food.

Zahid ki Nihari: The mouth-watering fiery meaty sauce that every Karachiite loves to eat is Nihari. In the middle of Tariq Road main Bazaar Zahid Nihari serves you the best Nihari.


Meerath ka Mashoor Kabab Paratha: Meerath Kabab House is originally located in Guru Mandir but it has many franchises in different areas of Karachi. They serve you the best and famous Kabab paratha, their malai boti and bihari boti are also worth tasting.

Dohrajee ka Golaganda: The infamous Golaganda embellished with condense milk, pineapple, chocolate and nuts, is something you can only find in Dohrajee.


Burns road (Waheed Kabab House): Burns road is famous for its flavorsome food street but for the most roaring food business one can blindly go  Waheed Kabab House, the fry Kebab and Bihari Kabab of this place is famous for its delicacy.


Dilpasand ki Mithai: In recent years Dilpasand has emerged as one of the best sweets makers in town. They are experts in making Kaju ka Halwa, Pista Halwa and even unique halwa of Ginger can also be found there.


Student ki Biryani: There would be very few people in Karachi who don’t know about Student Biryani. The leading biryani chain of the country was started some four decades ago and they provide you the best biryani on earth.


Damthal ki Halwa Puri: The only and most famous breakfast for karachiites on Sunday is Halwa Pur. You can find small shops selling Halwa Puri on Sunday but the flavor you can find on Dhamthal is something worth experiencing.


Di Silva ki Hasan Zai ki Karhai: Hasan Zai Karhai can be termed as the best in town the small Pathan ka hotel in Di Silva Town North Nazimabad gives you the taste that big restaurants can’t give.

Dilbahar lassi: Lassi is a treat for desis just like ice cream is for westerns. You should try Dilbahar Lassi in Burns road to get the best taste.

Bundu Khan Ka Barbecue: One of the oldest desi food chain of Karachi Bundu Khan gives you the best taste of BBQ in town. Ranging from tikka boti to Chicken handi everything is delicious and that is the reason behind its popularity.

FRESCO kay Dahi Baray: Going through Burns Road one just cant ignore the big FRESCO bakery. The dahi baray their are  amazing,arabian paratha and their samosays are also liked by many.



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