How Hindus celebrate Diwali in Karachi’s Sri Ratneswar Mahadev temple

Photos by: Pyar Ali Amir Ali

KARACHI: Diwali is the festival of Hindus and also referred to as ‘The Festival of Lights’. It is celebrated with fervour and happiness by the Hindu community in Pakistan as well.

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Diwali is a five-day festival which commences from the first day of the Karthik month, in the Hindu calendar. Hindus celebrate this occasion with much fanfare, by cleaning their homes and bazaars. Also, Hindus don new clothes for the occasion. While children play with firecrackers, special preparations are made to offer prayers to their deity Laxmi and the famous delicacy Prasad is also handed out.

In order to know more about this festival and the Hindu community associated with it, ARY News’ Web team headed off to Karachi’s famous Sri Ratneswar Mahadev temple, located in the Clifton vicinity.


Outside the temple, children were ecstatically playing with firecrackers whereas inside the temple, the sweet aroma of roses filled the temple. A person named Nadeem received the team and invited them inside.

Sri Ratneswar Mahadev temple has been in existence since the last century and a half. Participants of the festival were happy and started participating in their religious rituals, upon entering the temple.

Milk and sweets were also laid out for the devotees, who consumed them with much delight.

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How Hindus celebrate Diwali in Karachi’s Sri Ratneswar Mahadev temple

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