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11th death anniversary of renowned singer Mujeeb Alam today

Mujeeb Alam was a renowned singer of his era and was a household name, courtesy several hit songs. He carved a name for himself at a time when the Pakistani film industry was brimming with established legendary musicians such as Mehdi Hasan and Shehki, yet he managed to create his own presence as a singer.

Alam’s songs were picturised on Lollywood’s leading actors such as Nadeem, Muhummad Ali and Waheed Murad. He has many hit songs to his credit, such as Hum khogaye tere pyar mein, tum nay wada kiya tha, and many more. Also, some of his famous songs include, Main teray ajnabi shehr main, Main tera shehr chhor jaon ga, Main khushi se kion na gaoon, mera dil bhi gaa raha hai, and Woh naqab rukh ulat kar meray samnay na aain.


Mujeeb Alam – May Tere Ajnabi Shehar May… by hashimamla856
With 12 albums to his credit, Mujeeb Alam released songs in several local languages such as Bangla, Punjabi and Pushto (along with Urdu). Wo meray saamnay tassveer banay bethay hain was his most prolific song from the film Chakori which won him a Nigar award

Due to a heart attack, Mujeeb Alam passed away on 2nd June 2004.



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