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12 screaming lunatics with a mobile phone camera is not news: Kabir Khan

“To media on both sides: 12 screaming lunatics with a mobile phone camera is not news. Please don’t give them the attention they want. Ignore,” tweeted the Bollywood director.

Yesterday, Phantom director Kabir Khan was at the airport to catch a flight to Lahore after his day-long visit in Karachi when angry protesters surrounded him at Jinnah International Airport and angrily confronted him. Angry citizens chanted ‘shame shame ‘ and urged the director to stop making anti-Pakistan films and focus more on the ‘subversive activities of RAW in Pakistan’.

Kabir was surrounded by the angry protesters immediately after he got out of his vehicle. The director refrained from replying to the angry people and quietly wheeled his bags away till the airport security staff calmed the situation down.

Indian director Kabir Khan faces protest by arynews
Kabir Khan’s films Phantom portrayed Pakistan as a haven for terrorists. The movie takes place five years after the infamous Mumbai attacks of 26 November 2011 when a retired Indian army officer is recruited to cross into Pakistan and kill the perpetrators of the attack, including JuD chief Hafiz Saeed.

Saif Ali Khan, who starred in the movie alongside Katrina Kaif, caused an uproar in Pakistan with his statement, “I have lost faith in Pakistan.” A dialogue from the movie Ghar me Ghuss Ke Marenge was also taken as a slight by audiences in Pakistan.

Phantom was banned in Pakistan.



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