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120-kg model wins Argentina beauty contest

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina: A 24-year-old Estephania Correa became a media spotlight after she clinched the ‘Queen of Vendimia’ crown at an Argentine beauty pageant.

Weighing 120 kg, the model was also deemed the ‘anti discrimination queen’ after her spontaneous victory speech left many inspired.

She said that she participated as she believed that the beauty pageant wasn’t just about a body and a pretty face. She had been preparing for the pageant for a year before participating and had enrolled herself into a modelling agency.


She confirmed that she never felt discriminated against and didn’t face any backlash.

“I wanted to break discrimination, that the Vendimia was not a beauty contest, that it went further, that I am woman who is going to represent all the citizens of the Mendoza region in the wine sector. I feel strong and confident with my family and friends with me. We have to love ourselves as we are. I am very happy to be district queen, everything that comes after this will be a prize for my life.” she said after her victory.


Although Estefania weighs 120kg and is 5’3″ in height, nothing seemed to deter her from following her dreams of becoming a beauty queen. She claimed that all the discrimination and bullying she faced in her life only made her stronger and secure about herself.

“I’ll be the queen proving to be overcome stereotypes of beauty,” she was quoted saying.


Competition coordinator Carolina Cocuzza said this year was the first time candidates were to talk about a topic they chose themselves.

She noted that Estefania’s speech was based on ‘non-discrimination and breaking the stereotypes of the Barbie Queen.’


Miss Cocuzza said: ‘The winner has to be a real woman and be able to represent the people of the land.’



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