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Rasheed says people rejected PTI candidates in LB polls for “Imran’s policies”

Talking to journalists in Kharian, he said the politics of Imran Khan revolve around mud-slinging of others as he had no manifesto or agenda to pursue.

He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has put the country on the road to progress despite the politics of sit-ins.

Rashid said the federal government has completed unmatched projects in two and a half years. He said the menaces of power loadshedding and terrorism would be overcome by 2018.

Responding to a question, he said a comprehensive plan has been devised to provide stringent security to media houses and the provincial governments have also been asked to take steps in this regard.

He said Pakistan is going to become the hub of regional development as China Pakistan Economic Corridor is set to connect two billion people through a network of motorways, railways, airports and sea ports from Gwadar and Karachi to Torkhum and Khunjrab.



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