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13-year-old boy falls into kiln after tortured by bakery owner

According to details, locals gathered as ARY News team reached Al-Madina Bakery located in Mehmoodabad area, however all of them were reluctant to narrate details of the incident.

Witnessing the situation, the owner of the bakery came forth and claimed that the boy fell and burnt due to his own mistake, and that he had got the boy treated.

Meanwhile, the tenant of the owner also came to his support detailing the incident and how was he taken to a hospital.

On the other hand, Danish’s family said he was the only one earning and that his owner did not get the boy treated.

They claimed that the owner left Danish outside his house with burn injuries.

The bakery owner allegedly thrashed the boy after some dishes mistakenly fell from him on the ground.

While taking notice of ARY News’ story, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ordered action against the ones responsible for the tragic event.

Provincial adviser Nadia Gabol also directed concerned officials to immediately shift the boy to Burns Center Karachi and ensure proper medical treatment of him.



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