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143 NAB cases against PM closed so far, says Qadri

Addressing the participants of the PAT sit-in ad D Chowk, Islamabad, Dr Tahirul Qadri said that the members kept talking about the constitution during the joint session of the Parliament, adding that we submit to a constitution which provides equal justice to the rich and the poor. He said that today 45 percent citizens of Pakistan are leading their lives below the poverty line, while ‘Go Nawaz Go’ has become the slogan of the entire nation.

He alleged that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has got 143 corruption cases ended so far, which were registered against him within the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). He added that all this was achieved by means of appointing a NAB chairman of his own choice.

Drawing comparison between Musharraf’s dictatorship and the two democratic governments including the present one, the PAT chief elaborated the prices of day to day commodities and inquired the prime minister what has he given to the poor people of the country.

Qadri said cost of electricity unit was Rs 3 in Musharraf’s reign, which was increased to Rs 7.5 during PPP’s tenure, while presently it is Rs 15.

He inquired the ones delivering speeches inside the Parliament to illustrate what advantages democracy has brought to the people.

The PAT chief said this system is aimed at safeguarding the corruption of the rulers, while we want a system which could guarantee health, education, food and all the other basic necessities to the people.



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