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Horrifying rape of girl by 13 men jolts India

India witnessed yet another shockingly gruesome case of rape, in Jaipur. A 17 year-old girl was allegedly trafficked and raped by 13 men, after being kept in confinement in a hotel room for 2 days.

The girl belonged from Mongolpur and was lured by a couple with the incentive of a security guard job in a multinational company. Upon arriving in Jaipur, the girl was sold to another man, who confined her to a hotel room. There, she was kept for two days and raped by the men.

The girl had succumbed to the deceiving couple’s demands since she was facing financial hardships. Her father, who owned a shop was ill and she needed money for his treatment.

A couple, who went by the name of Rocki and Rani, approached the girl and offered her a handsome salary of Rs 60,000. The couple lied fabricated the lie that they were associated with an NGO which was involved in empowering women.

On the pretext of an interview, the girl was taken to room no. 406 at Hotel Indraprastha. Afterwards, a man named Shekhar entered the room, forced her to undress and then raped her. Two men also entered the room later on and then raped her.

The girl was kept in the hotel for two more days and according to her own account, she was raped by eight-nine men. A woman named Payal was accorded the responsibility of preparing her for every customer.

On August 31, the girl was able to abscond after her kidnappers left a window open. After escaping, she narrated the ordeal to her brother, after which a case was registered.

“Rocky and Rani were arrested along with the hotel manager, Mukesh Soni. Two agents, Anil and Arjun, were nabbed from a hideout in Jaipur along with a customer named Kamal,” said Vikramjeet Singh, DCP.



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