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1992 Winning Squad: Back then and Now

These men started young, in their prime youth and with time we same them age, a little by little, by every passing year. These men were once the pride of Pakistan. While most went on to pursue their dreams, far away from the lush green grass of the stadium and hard dusty pitches on which they balled and batted, few have still held on their lives  of a dedicated sportsman.

Have a look at the beck then and Now pictures of Pakistan’s 10 most loved cricketers.

Imran Khan:

From a cricketer to a politician, the only visible changes in Imran Khan are I his profession. The 40 year old captain who led Pakistan cricket team to its victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup 1992 looked as ravishing back then as he does today in his 60’s.

Inzamam ul Haq:

The sweet, chubby teenager who joined the Pakistani team as its youngest player is now a grown man who has chosen a religiously restricted life for himself.

Wasim Akram:

Back then he didn’t wear spectacles…Now he does.

Ramiz Raja:

As stylish as he was back then, Rameez Raja captivates the crowd with his smooth commentary and witty replies.

Moin Khan:

Not only has he turned into an entrepreneur with his launch of Tee-Emm mart in Karachi DHA but has also grown a beard and taken his role as an advisor to Pakistan cricket team.

Javed Miandad:

The king of cricket has aged tremendously. His lean body can hardly be called athletic now and one wonders if he can play as even half as fabulously as he did back then.

Mushtaq Ahmad:

He shares the same fate as that of Inzamam and currently acts as a spin bowling coach for our national team.

Amir Sohail:

One word should be sufficient to describe his transformation…BALD!

Salim Malik:

Nothing can prove aging best other than graying hair.

Zahid Fazal:

Weight gain, hair loss, wrinkles….should we associate some other beauty problems with him too?

Aqib Javed

The years seem to be kinder on Aqib, who has groomed himself and has given his personality a more mature touch!

Ejaz Ahmad

Protruding cheeks, graying hair and a grown shave all point to signs of aging for Ejaz!



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