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2014 welcomed with Fireworks

Spectacular display of fireworks was witnessed across the world as millions of people welcomed 2014.

2013 turned into 2014 when the clocks struck midnight in different countries of the world.

Citizens of New York welcomed 2014 as they gathered Times Square by a countdown. Millions of people had gathered at Times Square to witness the mesmerizing display of fireworks.


Dubai set a new record of fireworks as 400,000 fireworks were used in 400 locations, including Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah, in a span of six minutes.


Sydney and Berlin also welcomed 2014 in a spectacular fashion with colorful firework enlighting the dark sky. The celebrations astounded the crowd who had gathered on the locations to celebrate the festive occasion.


In Japan, bells were rung and prayers were held on the occasion. In China, the people welcomed 2014 with new spirits. Spectacular display of colorful fireworks amazed thousands of people who had gathered at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor to see the celebrations.


The skies of London were filled with a sea of colors as fireworks took place just as the clock at Big Ben struck midnight. Thousands of people gathered at Red Square at Moscow to celebrate the New Year.  


People of Greece celebrated the arrival of 2014 despite the severe cold in the country whereas 2 million people had gathered at the Copa Cabana beach at Rio de Janeiro for the arrival of the New Year.


In Pakistan, the New Year was welcomed with fireworks, aerial firing and street dancing.




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